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Round 1 - Ruarangi Road 2018

Round 1 – Ruarangi Road 2018

Hi Everyone,

Well, what an event to start the 2018 series, 57 crews entered round 1 at Ruarangi Road, with 49 registering for the 2018 series. Hosted by the Northland Car Club the day went well, the weather threatened to spoil the party, but although we did see several showers and the sky was overcast it really did not effect the event. There were no major offs although several drivers had timing issues.

This was unfortunate and certainly soured the day for a few, i have had several calls informing me that the results are wrong. Now, whilst we do sympathise there is nothing we can do, we cannot alter results after the event has finished, can you imagine what a can of worms this would open? the correct way of sorting this out in future…..and everyone should know this is at the event. You have 30 minutes once the provisional results are put out, in this case there was a board running all day and it certainly was still there for quite some time prior to prize giving.

People, who i must add are un-paid volunteers do make errors, things breakdown and things go wrong, it’s a fact. So, we are going to have to stay with the results that were supplied by the organisers, no one seemed to be complaining at prize giving. The results & points table will be up in the next few days, so keep an eye on this site.

Now, another bleat from me, im not going to mention any names or point fingers at anyone but it’s about time people started reading rules and adhering to them, especially if your going to point out other peoples errors!

It may seem trivial, but registering for the series is a joke, having sponsors stickers on is a joke. I know for fact if this was a national rally then either many would be missing out on points or not even starting the event. I hold my hand up for a mistake on the registration form regarding the banking details…drivers form only, but still many figured it out.

We had a table at documentation, we had forms for both drivers & co-drivers, we had sponsors decals and i even had a quick chat at drivers briefing regarding this, and yet people still refuse to put them on, throwing money through my window as im driving out is really unacceptable, not filling forms out is also unacceptable, telling me your signing on but not paying is also unacceptable, registering for two but paying for one is also not on.

So, please check out the rules, check out the car clubs rules, regulations & entry forms, they are not hard to understand. I will have another chat at drivers briefing at Arcadia Road.

Due to the above, it’s taking a little time to get sorted and load everything up, so please bare with me regarding the points tables.

This series is possibly one of the best clubmans series around, we need it to continue, we have stunning roads to run on, they are all quite different, the numbers are good, the environment around the pits is very friendly and yet the competition is pretty fierce, the end of year prize giving is second to none, and all the car clubs involved try their best to put on the best they can. There’s nothing wrong with what we are trying to promote and carry out. So please guys, treat it with a little more respect. It is getting bigger, and we have to lift our game to keep it growing.

We are working on a new website which will hopefully lift our profile a little more, hence the lacklusture site we have at the moment.

Don’t forget your copy of the next issue of ” A little bit sideways” for a full report & photos of round 1.

Sorry for bleating, but it’s round 1 and we need to be a little more professional for the rest of the season, we’ll wipe the slate clean but from now on if a competitor complains about no stickers on a rivals car and he’s correct, then no points, if we spot no stickers on, then no points, if you,ve not paid then no points…..we,ve had it all before…you have been warned.

See you all at Round 2, Arcadia Road…..another stunning road.

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