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Interclub Hillclimb Series

                                                 2019 INTERCLUB HILLCLIMB SERIES.

Welcome to the 2019 Interclub Hillclimb Series, this is a true grassroots and clubmans series, and the reason why we’ve put it up here on the Rallysprint site is that it goes hand in hand with the rallysprint series. The same car clubs that put on the rallysprints also put on the hillclimbs. It has been going for years, it’s well established and, as with the rallysprints it is always well supported, although it does often tend to fly under the radar regarding publicity, another reason for putting it up here.

It offers events that are run on gravel and tarmac, all are superb and run on great roads, which are normally up to a couple of K’s in length, cheap to enter and yet are very competitive. It does not quite attract the calibre of entrants as its big brother but it still provides fantastic grassroots competition, the atmosphere is a little more relaxed than the rallysprints and leans more to the entry level motorsport. Its run prior to Christmas and so the weather is normally great, the rallysprints and rally seasons are normally done and dusted and it’s a series that’s just real fun to do.

The 2019 rounds are as below, two tarmac rounds kick the series off before we go into three gravel rounds, with one being in Maramarua forest.

A big plus for 2019 is the inclusion of Pritchard Road, hosted by the Hibiscus coast Motorsport club and based just to the west of Kiawaka, it used to be in the series and was always a very popular event but due to a slip, it’s not been used for quite a few years. But, it’s back and well worth the trip.

Don Rubie, Pritchard Road.

In the past this series has had a some what difficult points scoring system, I’m not going to bore you with the details instead we’ll explain how it’s going to work for the 2019 season, and possibly from now on.

There will be no registrations, everyone who enters a round will automatically score points for their car club. Points will be awarded for overall positions and also classes on the day, but for the series it’s the points in the classes that will count. Each competitor will be awarded points reflecting were they finished, these points will be added up, and also added to other classes for each car club. The car club whose members produce the most points after the last round will be the interclub Hillclimb champions, individuals will also be rewarded with their class and overall positions.

The points allocations are as below.

Overall goes from 20 points down to 1 with everyone getting 1 point

Classes go from 10 to 1 with everyone getting 1 point

2019 events are…..

Round 1          1st  Sept            Quinne Road              TVCC          Tarmac

Round 2           6th Oct         Doctors Hill Road          NCC           Tarmac

Round 3         10th Nov          Tauhoa Road                HCMC         Gravel

Round 4         23th Nov           Kemp Road                   PCC            Tarmac

Round 5           8th Dec         Maramarua Forest      SACC           Gravel


Classes are A. 0-1300cc

B. 1301-1600cc

C. 1601-2000cc

D. 2000cc

E. 4WD

                                                                                                                                              LATEST UPDATE

Kevin Sanderson, seen here taking overall victory at Quine Road. A 2nd overall at Doctors Hill Road puts him in a very strong overall position after two tarmac rounds.


Round 3 of the Interclub Hillclimb series will be held on the new piece of road at Tauhoa Road. 2.2kms of Fast Public gravel roads, will test the nerves of all.

Please enter from the SH16 side, if possible.

Entries are on the day, so please do not enter via online

Entry fees are set as
2wd $120
4WD $140
HCMC Helpers discount of $20 applies to those who are eligible.
If you are interested in helping let me know.

Entry form: