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Hello and welcome to this website, we hope you enjoy browsing through it and can find the information you’re looking for.

This is the site for the ABC Pipefitters Northern Rallysprint series, but as we are also trying to promote another couple of local championships within our area we thought we’d utilise the site to see how things go.

The aim of the site is to promote the events in the area we live in, the Top half of the North Island, and in particular the “Interclub” series and competitions. Years ago motorsport, and in our case rallying was extremely popular, events were always full, prize giving’s were always well attended and boozy affairs, as were the car clubs on car club evening, admittedly things were probably a little cheaper, there seemed to be more volunteers around, access to roads seemed easier and in general it just seemed more fun.

Well, to be honest, it’s still fun and it’s still all here. But, as we know it has changed immensely since the good old days. One strange situation is that although the world has progressed, especially with computers and internet our communication levels have dropped, we have all this technology and still find certain events flying under the radar, with car clubs struggling to get information out and event numbers suffering, consequently interest is lost and before we know it we lose another event.

Within the catchment area of the Top half the North we have several car clubs putting on events covering everything from motorkhana’s to rallies. The Northland CC, The Hibiscus Coast Motorsport CC, Pukekhoe CC, The Thames Valley CC, The South Auckland CC and until a few years back The Auckland CC were the clubs that were traditionally involved with the “ Interclub” theme.

These car clubs did have an “INTERCLUB SERIES”, and it’s this we are trying to promote via the site. It is actually still around, but once again fly’s under the radar. The Interclub hillclimb series, the interclub rallysprint series and the Top half rally series are actually all still around. Three major, and vital stepping stones for competitors, especially beginners wanting to learn and progress in a safe and controlled environment.

The Hillclimb and rallysprint series are pretty much run today as they were years ago, they have had a few changes regarding venues and a few rule changes to keep up with the times, the same car clubs still run them, although recently the Hamilton CC has joined the rallysprint series and proved a great addition.

However, the Top half rally series has suffered with numbers over recent years, this being mainly down to the lack of rallies within the area, it’s now become more or less a North island series, although the revival of the Far North Rally could possibly help to keep the “Northern” feel.

So, what we are trying to do is not take over running every series in the Top of the North but to try and help with promoting the whole “Interclub” series, and generally helping were we can, we are involved quite heavily with the rallysprint series and would like to think we have contributed in helping it achieve great entry numbers and grow to what we feel is a very healthy series. The aim now is to do the same with the hillclimb series and the top half rally series.

So, to start off with we are dedicating a few pages of the rallysprint website to the “Interclub Hillclimb series” and the “Top Half Rally Series “ for 2019. So please call back as these will be updated in the very near future.